jQuery Plugins

statsOmeter - A jQuery Odometer Statistics Counter Plugin

statsOmeter is a free to use plugin that shows a statistics numerical counter in the style of an odometer. The plugin is mobile friendly and activates by scroll view.

mobiTable - The jQuery Responsive Table Plugin

mobiTable is a free to use responsive plug-in that rearranges HTML tables into a much easier to navigate format for mobile devices by showing the table rows one touch/click at a time. Supports multiple tables per page.

DemoBox - Instructions made easy

DemoBox is a free to use responsive slider for displaying pictures and text content for instructional information regarding a product, services or guidelines. DemoBox uses individual steps to display information in stages that makes it easier to understand. This works with HTML list elements.

overZoom - Image Mouseover Zoom Effect

overZoom is a free to use plugin that enlarges your images on mouseover, then on mouseout returns to its original size. Perfect for thumbnails or call-to-action images. Optionally use GSAP's TweenLite library to animate the mouseover effect.

HerosEnd - Hero Image Parallax and Blur/Color Effect

HerosEnd is a free to use plugin that on scroll creates a parallax effect plus a blur, sepia color and black and white color effect for your large hero image.