Rosie The Riveter Free Vector Clipart Illustration in SVG Format

Rosie the Riveter

I recently helped out a friend on a project that needed a clip-art image of the iconic Rosie the Riveter. The project needed a very large version and I requested we use a illustration I would create in vector format so it could be scaled to any size without losing any detail. For those of you who don’t know who she is, Rosie was an iconic graphic created during World War 2 for the women who where working in the factories and shipyards while the men where off fighting the war. Rosie symbolizes the power of women and what they can and have done for our country. You can read more about her in this Wiki.

My Free illustration of Rosie the Riveter is available in 2 versions(original and retro) and is a free download in 4 formats(2 SVG and 2 Illustrator files) for anyone who needs to use it in their projects. You can change and edit the colors as you like. You will need a graphic program to use these if your going to print them like Illustrator. There is a free vector program called Inkscape you can get here. Or you can also use a free raster program to open the SVG files like Gimp, which you can get here. If your going to print this to silk screen for t-shirts you’ll need to properly separate the colors on layers and most likely adjust the colors in pallette.

To download and use these files, I only ask that you give me a like/tweet/google+. This may not and should not be redistributed and sold for any amount of money. This IMO should be free to use. Enjoy!