statsOmeter – A jQuery odometer style Statistics Counter Plugin

statsOmeter jQuery Plugin ExampleDisplaying statistic numbers on your website has become quite popular and has been trending since mid-year of 2016. You may have seen a section on a site you scroll to with statistic information like “Projects Tackled – 347” or humorous stats like “Cups of Coffee – 2,547”. Some are static and some animated. These type of stats tend to introduce the performance and human factor of the company and lend to some good marketing points of view that align with info-graphics.

While playing around with some stats Ideas lately, I created a few different types of animated stats displays and out of the 3 I created, statsOmeter was one I wanted to share with the web development community. This little jQuery stats plugin will add an odometer type stats bar to a specific div with a specific class name. A plus to this stats counter is that you can use letter characters as well to spell words as well as adding a happy and sad face via characters ” ) ( :”. Adding letters allows you to also add humor to your stats. Very simple to use and you can change its appearance via CSS to match your website theme.

Here are some cool features about statsOmeter:

  • Supports Letter Characters as well as Numeric
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Animates when scrolled in view
  • Multiple stats support
  • Auto-centered
  • Easy to setup

statsOmeter is free to use, if you like it, please give me a like or share. Get more info and instructions on the statsOmeter page here. You can download it here as well.