mobiTable jQuery Plugin, now available for WordPress!

mobiTable is my first free responsive plug-in for WordPress that automatically rearranges your HTML tables into a much easier to navigate format for mobile devices. You can read more about it here on this post. mobiTable will soon be available at the WordPress Plugin Repository. Below is an example of the mobiTable WordPress plugin adjusted for Mobile.

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mobiTable Plugin Mobile Example

ID Name Address Phone Number Email Occupation
01 John 4311 SW 21st Street, Miami Florida, 33144 305-2112 Mechanic
02 Samantha 4001 NW 63rd Street, New York NY, 774232 335-6643 Attorney
03 Fernado 6433 NW 93rd Street, Orlando Florida, 44321 325-4883 Police Officer
04 Bill 2022 Oakland Street, Los Angelas California, 99321 699-5532 Doctor
05 Mary 2311 Sunbay Ave, Carlton North Carolina, 118653 966-2211 Executive Managment
06 Maria 1123 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, 32211 305-3476 Pilot

mobiTable Plugin

mobiTable Plugin HTML Table Code

mobiTable Plugin Settings

MobiTable WordPress Plugin Features:

  • Multiple table support
  • Custom Trigger Width
  • Table Theme Color Settings
  • Color Chart
  • SVG Arrow Icons

Installation and Setup

Download mobiTable for WordPress Plugin here